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Jun 22 2018

Custom Design Fit Out With multiple entrances, doorways and large windows, thoroughfares are often difficult spaces to furnish. Marnebek School presented an interesting challenge to Schoolfurn this month; transforming their Gallery into a social, learning space for students and teachers.
After discussing Marnebek’s needs, we photographed and measured the Gallery. Photos provide important information, particularly if there are any obstructions or access concerns.



By incorporating multi-zone areas our aim was to create an environment that would facilitate collaborative learning, socialization and relaxed lounging;




From floor plan to 3D render – it’s all a part of the Schoolfurn Service!


Collaborative Space

Working with others is an important life skill. Using furniture such as the Shield and Science Table, students can feel included while working on projects and group activities. We suggest providing varied seating options. Chairs of differing heights, such as Ottoman Rounds and The Beast Stool, help add interests to an interior by breaking up the environment.



Social Area

Not all learning is done in the classroom, interpersonal skills for example, are developed through experience. By providing social spaces outside of the classroom, students can engage in conversation with peers and teachers in a neutral setting. These spaces are ideal for shy students or those needing one-on-one tutoring. Suited to individuals or small groups, Quad Booths provide comfortable seating while offering relative privacy.




Lounge areas offer a space for students to relax, read or pursue private study. Schoolfurn Ottomans are ideal for such spaces; mobile, lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Students are able to rearrange the seating to best suit their needs. Working from a laptop or tablet is easy with custom coffee tables and Ottoman Round stools.



Whether it be a busy classroom, open plan office or gallery space, Schoolfurn can help bring your ideas to life. By offering custom renders and tailored floorplans, our friendly team can help you create not just a space to learn in, but an interior built to inspire!