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Launch of our 2020 Website Design

2020 is well and truly underway and Schoolfurn is paving the way for innovative ideas and inspirational furniture. Via our monthly emails, will aim to provide updates on current products, fit outs and community events. We hope you enjoy our monthly emails.
Schoolfurn is proud to announce the launch of our latest website design implementing new features to continually improve our customer experience. Our goal is to provide an excellent experience in all aspects of our website, check out our incredible new features:

  • Visually striking user interface
  • More information on products
  • Efficient categorized sidebar (help find products quicker/easier)
  • New Customer Portal with access to online quotes and customer details

New Customer Portal

2020 New Web Site Design. Schoolfurn is continually building innovative products that stand alone to modern-day industrial standards. We are set to launch the latest inspirational furniture for schools across Australia. Aiming to provide fantastic products at competitive prices. So, What are you waiting for? check out our increasing range of products and become inspired!


Clifton Creek Primary School

Building a strong growing community is an essential part of our business model. Unfortunately, Australia has seen one of the most catastrophic bushfire seasons. With more than one billion animals killed and 18 million hectares destroyed. Schoolfurn has proudly donated over $8000 in furniture to Clifton Creek Primary School, who tragically had their entire school destroyed. We are proud to give back to our community.