Schoolfurn Mission Statement

A Mission Statment is a short and direct statement of any organization or companies purpose, This identifies there goals and values to ensure a clear understating between company and customer. The following is schoolfurns values, aim, mission and vision.  We have four value key points flexibility, affordability, furnishing the future, and customer service.






To provide high quality, flexible furniture for schools and office environments at affordable prices.


Schoolfurn is an Australian furniture supply company. With a strong focus on School, business and domestic fit outs, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and diverse product range. Understanding the dynamic needs of Australian Schools and businesses, we believe furniture should be flexible as well as engaging. By offering design services such as 3D renders and custom floor plans, we encourage clients to create not just purpose-driven interiors but inspiring spaces.

We value the time, skills and expert opinions of our staff. We’re committed to providing a supportive, friendly team environment that encourages creativity and the sharing of new ideas. Excellent custom service is a by-product of a positive work culture. As such we maintain a fair, welcoming environment that respects diversity and hard work.


To furnish the future of Australian Schools and Businesses